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    • Taiwuqiao

      The early departed in Kinmen County were all buried in the self-own private land. Kinmen County Government set up the first public cemetery from 1952 around Jinning Township Banglin suburb. Latter to 1957 set up the Jinshan public cemetery. In 1958, set up the Jinhu public cemetery. In 1970 set up the Lieyu public cemetery, In 1973 set up the Jinsha public cemetery and so on totally five places. Besides that, there are two military public cemeteries to bury those departed with honors who sacrificed for the country in the war located on TaiWu Mountain foothill and Lieyu Township Donglin suburb respectively.

    • Kinmen County
Funeral and Burial Administration

      Since 1992, Kinmen County Government had received Ministry of Interior to impel to handle "the straight social convention - improvement funeral facility and the funeral plans" Kinmen County was subsidized total sum NT. two hundred million to construct the modernized funeral parlor, the crematory and the pagodas. The above first modernized funeral parlor, the crematory and the pagodas,… funeral and burial facilities were completed to the beginning of the year 2000 and began to start the operation from in the same year on March 1. On July 1, the five public township cemeteries were arranged under unification management. This institute officially changes the name since 2004 on August 1 for Kinmen County Funeral and Burial Administration.